Body Massage
Close-up of a young woman getting a back massage

We believe it is essential to give your body and mind a break from the stress of everyday life. Regular therapeutic massage can do just that.Forever Young open 7 days a week, early and late, so you can enjoy affordable, professional massage services that are convenient for your schedule. We are confident that after a visit to Forever Young, your whole body will thank you.

Body Polishing

Body scrubbing aids circulation and is known to be an excellent exfoliant - removing dead skin cells, warming muscles and increasing elasticity.A full body exfoliation is used to get rid of dry/dull skin followed by the application of an ultra rich body lotion, leaving your skin super soft and fully revitalised.


Body Polish & Massages

Massage is used to maintain physical health as well as inducing relaxation. It helps to alleviate the build up of stress and tension in the muscles from every day use. There are alot of benefits of massage such as Relieves aches and pains and help to tone the muscles, Increases blood circulation, Softens and moisturises skin, Helps stimulate metabolism naturally and improve general health,Relaxation of tight muscles and helps with stiff joints.

We, Forever Young, offer a range of relaxation and holistic therapies that can soothe your muscles, ease tension and leave you feeling relaxed inside and out.