The key to lose weight is to eat selectively and healthy food. At Forever Young the clients are encouraged to eat the right kind of food. We have special programme for Thyroid, Pcod, Post natel, Diabetic.


Weight loss is done with the help of passive workout and electrnic appliances which is through German and Italian machine technology it works on the basis of diathermy and fat's stimulatin with physiotherapy.

Inch Loss

It gives you specific area correction that is spot reduction. It is done with the help of manual massages based on physiotherapy where the product is being involve. It is to break down to your stuborn fat layer and gives you inch loss.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is dne basically with the help of manual massages and healthy and nutritius diet.

Figure Correction

It is a machine therapy with ultra sonic waves, German and Italian technlogy is used to figure correction. eg: Tummy Reduction, side tucks, back, hips, & thighs.

RF & Cavitation
Close up of a woman getting a cavitation treatment

Close up of a woman getting a cavitation treatment[/caption]Its a Advance Machine Technique combination of weight loss & inch loss. This machine gives you toning and tightening of body.